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My 04 only has 30k on it :(. I know crazy low miles for an 04. I am happy to report I am very happy with this truck.
Anyway here is my list of issues being super picky!

Had the Brake fix done, brakes have been perfect ever since

The plastic cover on the tailgate is loose (the double sided tape is coming lose at the bottom.)

Paint on the plastic part on the steering wheel has chipped off a little

Interior on the doors where the vent blows on it has discolored from black to a gray.

There is something wrong with the spring that holds the top visor up and is hanging down about ½ inch. (in fact I never notice it but I do need to fix it).

O yea, my doors squeak a little going over bumps, I think I need to lube the weather stripping. It’s pretty minor and I have to be going slow and have the radio off to even hear it.

That’s it. Not to shabby for an 04.

The truck still looks great, here is a picture just taken last week I believe. (maybe 2 at the most).


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only at 87k

4th Battery Changed - slow start and headlights drain the battery dead in 2 minutes

Passenger side window regulator seems unresponsive until you hit it

All my fan vents are broken up front on the left and right side nearest to the doors.

Scratches, YMMV, i've encountered several scratches but none that required major work. Stuff unseen to the average joe was ignored but I do have battle scars near the bumper close to the ground

Engine, idle is more "rasp" but within normal. That's probably the old oil but its fine now.

Transmission is great

The controls on the steering wheel are faded away to the bare plastic. For those LE/SE owners with the captain controls on the wheel, treat them nicely. they start to fade away after 45k.

Alignment, i haven't fixed it yet but I ran into a curb and onto a tree but considering the incident, the truck held up pretty nicely (minus the tree of course)

Tires, I've switched to the stock tires TWICE and hated it. I now have Mich's and I LOVE them. So far so good. With 20% life in them, I think I can put another 15-20k on them before running out. Warranty on those things are 60k and it seems to be accurate +/- 10k

Engine Bay leaking, none so far

Radiator, I switched it out one time under warranty

Interior - Seat belts get stuck in the back but fixes itself randomly at times. Driver's seat belt makes squeaky noises that only needs WD-40 time to time.

Leather seems to be holding up decently but not the greatest of quality imo. I switched to the neoprene stuff 20 k ago and I doubt its helped since. I haven't checked.

Wheels/Rims - they got beat up over the miles and you can see its battle scars and scratches from mishaps like the curb or going over rocks etc.

Radio sucks, poor reception, I have the old model and they never wanted to switch me.

Gas mileage has been 14 constantly

Lights are still stock but the passenger side is showing signs of mosture leakage. Lights are fading to yellow. time to change them.

Suspension, the front seems lower than I remembered stock. Maybe 2" shorter than normal. That's probably a sign for me to change them out. It's stock too.

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113,000 on my '04

Brake judder fix done many many miles ago, other than squeaking in reverse, they are perfect still, and no brake dust.

Been running synthetic oil for at least the last 80k. Because I drive 3,500 a month on average for work I change it at 5,000 miles. Engine is still strong even though I haven't done a thing but change the oil. New plugs, belts and hoses coming up this month as a preventative measure. Had both manifolds replaced under Nissan goodwill warranty @ 96k

Body is perfect because I am OCD about it. Paint is slick and swirl free excepting every surface that faces the front... bumper, mirror backs headlights are all peppered chips with from all of the high speed year round travel I do. No rattles no bad squeaks.

Still get complements on the truck from strangers. I hope it goes another 113,000
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