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HID modifications 08'

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I just ordered and received my HID kit for my 08' and it says in the manual that I am supposed to take the truck into be serviced to have the bulbs replaced since the headlamp itself had to be removed. I know someone out here has done it and hoped maybe there were photos somewhere or someone who could briefly describe. When I looked myself I found a single screw and once removed it still had a point of contact that I couldn't see. Thanks.
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You have to take the screws/clips out of the front of the inner fender liner and pull the front of the inner fender back in order to get to the two bolts that hold the headlamp assembly to the fender. I think 1 is a 10mm and the other is a 8mm (you should remove a total of 4 bolts from each assembly). Watchout for the plastic finisher piece below the headlamp, its clipped into the fender. (OR) You can access the headlamp bulbs the same way and not take out the assembly. Its a tight fit, but if your arms and fingers are small enough you can get it.
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