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Alright, i have been searching and searching for a true HID conversion or plug-n-play kit for my 06 LE titan. only thing I have found is the knockoff replacement bulbs that are nothing like a true HID blub. where do I get the good stuff?

The ons I had for my mustang was very nice, got them from www dot stangmods dot com

they was a true plug and play kit that plugged right into the stock headlight harness. came with 2 ballast, relay and everything.
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You need a hid conversion kit. It includes ballasts, bulbs, etc. the bulb size u need is 9006. Just google hid kit and a bunch of diferent sites will come up. Personally, i have purchased a Co-Way and Apexcone kit and i am happy wth both of them.
Talk to Black Beauty, he's been researching this subject for over a month, and can give you detailed info on all of it.
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