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Homemade Dark/Black Chrome???

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Hey guys, I've been considering the idea of changing all the chrome on my truck to dark chrome for years, and will be intiating the change soon I hope. I have seen a black chrome emblem for sale here but at that price its rediculous! And that is just for one, but they happen to have the same, but both in regular chrome here at half the price of one of those black chrome ones, it seems like this would be the way to go.

Now on to the chroming part. Do any of you know of any ways to get the same look, possibly by applying a clear coat of a dark adhesive or paint type product? If so, can you share your experiences and how long it appears to hold up. This way would be best for the emblems and mirror caps, but most likely unsatisfactory for rails, and bumpers as they are actually chrome plated on metal.

Or do any of you have any places that would be able to rechrome the major pieces in a darker finish? Any advice or help would be appreciated.