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hood and bumper suggestions

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Ok guys been inactive for a while due to divorce and wrecking truck the caddy and a some other stuff lol. but i need to replace my hood bumper and passenger side fender on my 05 titan. debating between staying with stock or going with a cowl hood and off road bumper. i have looked at a couple wanted to see what u guys suggestions. any links or pics or deals would be great looking at buying this stuff within 2 weeks. was looking for a hood like the old cobra hoods with 2 inductions one in front of the driver and teh other on the passnger side does anyone make one like this?
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does anyone have any promos or discounts to help out on this i have been looking all day and it looks like about 2k for both
I know ironbull makes a decent offroad bumper, and suncoast makes a ramair type hood. Not the style your looking for, but its a start.
thats ones ill probably go with so far. i thought i had seen one for r titans that had the 2 small cowls on the sides like the old mustangs had. maybe not
Could've been custom too. I think if I was in your shoes I'd go with the combo I posted, but there's a bunch of different bimpers out there. Just can't think of their names haha
I've got this one for sale.

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