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Hood Protector

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I'm looking for something to protect my hood from bugs and rock chips. I don't like the way a traditional bug shield looks on the hood of the titan. Does anyone have any other ideas or different technology? Thanks in advance.
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Check out the clear 3M bra, its basically a clear plastic coating that gets laid over the front of your hood, and is nearly invisable.
Does anyone have any experience with the 3M type protective film type bra? How does it hold up, worth the price, etc?
I recently purchased a clear Lund Interceptor bug shield. One of these days I will get around to getting it painted to match my paint color and post some pics. I am hoping that it will blend well.

As it is now(unpainted) It is very transparent.
I have the 3m clear hood \ fender kit, grille kit (my grille is painted) the bumper extension kit (covers the painted parts of your front bumper), fog light kit (protects the foglight from yellowing, cracking), and the headlight kit(keeps the headlights from yellowing \ cracking. The kits are guaranteed for 5 years and look great. Hope this helps!
I put the clear bra's on all my cars and will never buy one without it. The Titan just got its clear bra about a month ago and it looks great. It keeps it new and bugs will some off with ease. It cost me $450 for the entire ront, headlights, front of fenders and hood. My 350z looked brand new without one chip on it after four years when I traded it in on the titan. Get a quality clear bra and it will be well worth the money.
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