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i own a armada but i have not got a lot of feedback over on that forum so ill try here. i figure you guys may be able to help me better hopefully..

the rubber moulding on the rear pass door the one half way down the door.. is driving me nuts. i actually have to hold it down on the side near the front door to open or close the rear door because it has lifted off in that flat area. the dealership said they will peel it off and retape it. i have been told by many body shops now its just not that easy to get off without damage to it or poss the paint on the door itself. the idiot service manager swore they came pre-painted when i bought the car and they actually dont. my freind is the gm at this dealership and wants to help but can only offer me to peel it off and retape it or get a new on and then paint but he said no gaurantees on color matching perfectly with the rest of the door or the fron moulding.

really how easy do these come off?? does anyone here have experience with them in removing them. i saw there were either 3 clips or bolts holding it on the door and then 2 lines of tape one on top and one on the bottom or thats what the pic looks like.

what im worried about is even my freind who is the gm said he personally would not use their body shop (told me this because he knows how picky i am i am poss verging on ocd when it comes to my paint) and he doesnt think they may do the best / cleanest job. i was thinking about attemping it myself but didnt know how really hard it would be to get off. re-taping it would be pretty simple and reinstall would be cake. i have a tom of former experience with everything from audio to fiberglass work i cant imagine this to be to bad or is it??

thanks in advance it sucks to have a brand new mada with only about 250 miles on it and to have to hold this thing down to open or close the rear door. i did see it on the lot but they told me they could fix it no sweat what so ever but now its a different story. sucks i had 2 to pick from and now wish i took the other im very very dissapointed so far in this and also in the service dept there. this is not the initial experience with the mada i wanted. thanks again
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