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The horn works, as I sent a power to the horn directly and it honks.

In the IPDM box I tested terminal 2 (in the attached thumbnail) and it gets 12v, sent power through terminal 3 and the horn honks. Since I was by myself I was unable to test terminal 1, can't be in the car pressing the horn and under the hood at the same time. The way I would have tested terminal 1 was by putting one lead from my multimeter in the terminal, and the other to ground. When pressing the horn in the car it should read continuity correct?

I an hoping it is not the wiring, since that would be a super headache to figure out compared to it just being the relay. I believe it is the relay since even when arming/disarming the alarm there isn't any horn sound.
Just a little help, not much......

UMM.........well.......I think I would try swapping out the _ _ L _ Y. and see what that does.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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