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I bought my 2017 Platinum Reserve out of state and it was delivered a week after purchase. Before I publically unload on every social media site known to man I thought I would check here. What is the best way to get help from Nissan? This was the worst dealer experience I have ever had. There were plenty of things I have a serious issue with, all of which I overlooked until the last straw. My truck was delivered with a dime size chip in the front bumper. The driver noted it at pick up and had on his invoice, initialed by the sales manager that they would pay to have it fixed. I never would have accepted delivery without. Before I had the bumper repaired I verified they would reimburse me. I got three bids and chose the lowest at $300. Over a month ago I sent them the invoice, spoke over phone and email that a check was coming my way. No check has been received and they won't answer emails or phone calls. They are trying to stiff me over $300!!! I have all the proof and a slam dunk in small claims. I'm not going to go to small claims over $300 and it should never get to this point. How do I get assistance from Nissan as the dealer clearly doesn't care at this point?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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