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Hoses and lines...

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Just thought I'd mention some leaks I've been repairing in case it helps anyone else... I removed my skid plate last week to pickup some bushings to put on the mount screws and pad it to keep it from squaking so much.. When I removed it, I found the top of it covered with fluid.

First thing I found was the passenger side Transmission Cooler Line leaking both TOP and BOTTOM... So, I went to O'Reilly and picked up 2' of the smallest diameter Trans Cooler Hose then went to Home Depot and picked up a 10 pack of the smaller screw type Hose Clamps.. I Removed the entire Cooler Line then removed the Hose Ends.. I cut new Hose ends and used the new screw hose clamps to replace it... I already have screw clamps on the driver side trans cooler line hose, thank Heaven...

Second thing I found was fluid all over the Power Steering Line Hose that goes from the pump down to the rack... It was tough to tell if it was Transmission Fluid sprayed on from the Cooler Line or Power Steering fluid... So I took the Armada in for the ECM Relay recall and asked them to check it out... They determined it is the Power Steering Hose... FWIW, the Hose alone cost $120-$250 at the dealership.. That dealership charges $250 for the part so it would be a $500 repair that would only be covered if I had the Gold Preferred Security Plus Extended Warranty, and I only have the Gold Security Plus... So, it looks like I'll be shopping that hose to see if I can find it for $120 and replace it myself. :rolleyes:

Third thing the Service Tech found is that I have some "Front Shaft U-Joints" that are shot... I'm not sure yet if they meant CV Joints or Drive Shaft U-Joints, I'm assuming Dive Shaft.... But those are being replaced under warranty...

Fun Stuff!!! :rolleyes:
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Man replacing those POS hose clamps is a must in my book! Those things are scary! LOL
And they're EVERYWHERE!!!! I wanted to replace them all but there's just too dadgumned many so I'll just replace what I can a day at a time as I get time. :rolleyes:
Try and find them at a better price? McMaster Carr, or Grainger.
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