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how about this titan deal?

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My dealer just offered me 32k for my infiniti g35 coupe. I paid 36.5k and it's 9 mo old with 9000 miles. the kelly blue book trade value is 30,800 and retail is 32ish.

the titan i am getting is 31900 msrp. the dealer said if i pay sticker for the truck he'll give me 32 for the G35. I'm thinking i have $100 left over to cover my tt&l. How much am i looking at for tt&l. I should have no tax b/c of the trade offset so it's just title and license. all other dealers said they would give me around 29k for the G but have not talked about the negotiation on the truck. sounds like a good deal to me.

what are your thoughts? good deal?
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If its just T&L that should be less than $400-$500 depending on your state. HE should be able to give you that figure.

As far as the Tax portion, that is also up to your states laws.

From what your posting though, your taking a 'hit' on the G as your paying MSRP for the truck. I would try and work in a 100k warranty to recoup some of that.

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