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How are power windows and locks wired?

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Thought I'd start up a new thread to see if anyone has any experience with figuring out how the power windows and locks are wired. I'm trying to diagnose a potential shorting problem, and any ideas as to how the switches are wired to work would be great!

Background: 2006 Armada. Previously, the the passenger front power window refused to move at all, having stuck in the down position. Tried both the driver's switch and the passenger switch. No luck. Power door lock switch does not work either - on both sides. If I use the remote, the doors will lock and unlock just fine, but the switches on the doors do not work.

Took it to the dealer, and of course, when I get there, it miraculously started to work again. Was told that it's probably an intermittant short in the driver's side control module, as the tech has only ever seen the problem on the driver's side.

Then problem returned (window now stuck in the UP position). Again, the door locks do NOT work if I try using the power lock button, on either the driver's side or the passenger's side, though the power locks work just fine when the key fob is used.

So I went and bought a replacement switch/control module for the DRIVER'S SIDE. Hooked it up... and no luck. Still not working. Before I go blow some money for the PASSENGER'S SIDE switch/control module, would appreciate any thought as to whether this will solve the problem (e.g., problem is an intermittent short in this module), or if it is SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY.

Logically, I'm thinking that it's a control module of some sort - not likely that it would be a failure in the power window mechanism AND a failure in the power door lock mechanism simultaneously, especially as how the power door lock still work when activated by the key fob.

Real question then is: could it be some mysterious, hidden control module? Or is it likely to be the passenger side switch?

Another question - if I PULL the passenger switch entirely, would (or should) the DRIVER'S side switch operate the window and/or locks? If it did, that would confirm that it's a bad passenger side module. Or does the wiring require that both modules (on each side) be installed for everything to work?

Thoughts, suggestions? Thanks!


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