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How do I remove Melted Gum?

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My daughter was playing with her bubble gum last summer while we were riding home and got it on the rear door glass and on the door. it dried up hard as a rock. it's not a clump of gum it's stringed out down the window and door.

how can i get that off? ive tried a lot of cleaning things and it does nothing, my next idea is to use my heat gun and remelt it. so i can wipe it off.
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I would use some type of steamer and not a heat gun. You might melt the plastic. And you can probably run a blade on the window if you don't have tint.
is the back windows factory tent or is the glass just made dark? i dont want to scratch up the tent.
Try some goo gone also.
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Goo gone should do it!
ok ill try some of that.
They make a freeze spray for gun on carpet. Try that and then a new one side razor blade and slowly scrape it, peel it off. Gently now.. I wouldnt apply heat that will just make it sticky again
It's tented glass.
I had to laugh LOL

Aand yeah a heat gun might be a little too much for the plastic. A hair dryer might work...
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