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Anyone have any suggestions on the easiest way to move the bed divider back and forth in the bed when you are alone? I am not talking about climbing into the bed (the tailgate when down is high enough that I need a step stool) and pulling/pushing it either. I am talking about from the outside of the bed.

I am considering hooking some tiedowns to the top on each end and using them to pull it backwards. Problem is how do I get it back to the front when I am done or does it really matter if I leave if near the rear when driving?

Being 5' 6" tall, the sides of the bed come almost up to my chest which makes getting in and out very difficult.

I also saw, but cannot find now, a step that extends out from the hitch beyond the length of the tailgate when down. That would make climbing in a lot easier if I could find it again.
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