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How long have you guys gone when the gas light goes on?

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Today me and my dad got to test how long we can go with the gas light on without running out of gas. I know mine (07) has gone well over 30 when i went to tucson to vegas on a single tank. But today my dad's 2010 pro-4x went atleast 36 miles from sd to yuma this evening. How long has anybody else gone?
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I'm a wuss, pull to the gas station as soon it comes.. So maybe 5 to 10 miles the most..

In 5.5 years, only once did I run it down till the light came on just to see if the light
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I have run 40+ miles and still had 3 gallons left at fill up.
I've driven for 3 days to work and back with the light on, work is about 8 miles away, so around 40 miles total, the truck was almost coughing by then though
I found out the hard way my QX56 dash doesn't have a low fuel light. Either way, after that incident I try to stay above half a tank to help cool the fuel pump (if it is indeed internal)
I never let the gas light come on...

I like driving with a half-quarter tank. I don't let it go under 1/4 though... :)

It is internal Citadel!
Lots of folks have pushed theirs all the way up to the point where the truck stopped running. :ftard:

<<<Fill ups at 1/4 tank for this guy. That's about 250 miles. I don't trust the fuel gauge anyway.
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I can see if your gong through bad times or your just a broke a$$, but running your truck out of gas repeatedly can't be too good for it?
I fill up just before or after its going to come on. Normally right around 300 miles. I read somewhere that the ~6-7 gallon reserve is used to keep the fuel pump cool and running it low on gas will have an adverse effect.
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I've gone well over 40 miles with mine on only because I didn't have time to get gas before school and then I had to drive to where my class was graduating and I didn't go buy a gas station and it was about 20 miles from the school. No fas station on the island we were on at the time. Let's just say when I filled up i put 28.6 gallons in...
My old ford explorer would go almost a 1/4 tank below "E"! It saved my *** many times! Once in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico we missed a gas station & had to go what seemed like forever with the light on! We came upon an exit that looked like a ghost town & there was no gas (out of gas). So we had to get back on the hwy & keep going... I thought we were going to be stranded for sure. Like in National Lampoons Vacation! :) LOL

My Infiniti J30 on the other hand... As soon as the light came on you better be pulling over to get gas or that's it! Seems like the Japanese vehicles don't give you as much leeway after the light is on.
i run mine out every week til the light comes on, i go roughly 20 miles before i stop and get gas. my truck was also recalled for the fuel sending unit that ive never had fixed. ( actually the light comes on when im kinda low on fuel and i park on a slight hill) after driving a few miles the gauge comes back up.
how many gallons does an 05 titan hold my book says 28 gallon but it only holds about 20 or 21 i dont understand
According to Fuelly, I go 330 miles on average which is about 20 gallons consumed for me...
how many gallons does an 05 titan hold my book says 28 gallon but it only holds about 20 or 21 i dont understand
You mean your gauge is on E when you "fill up", either 'A' your gauge is probably off or someone decided to put a smaller tank in...I'd assume option A
I've ran mine until I've ran out of gas, lmao, the last time it happened I was in Orlando leaving Wet N' Wild, thank god I was at the top of a bridge and I coasted into a gas station. Its not fun pushing a 2 and a half ton truck, lifted, on 35s. Especially by yourself. :bangit:
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It usually starts coming on intermittently about halfway home from work, and I'll fill it up with around 21 to 23 gallons, (the next day after work), so about 60 miles. I've done 80 or 90 miles before, but have never have had to put in more than 25 gallons, and have never ran it dry.
This is where I come in and you all tell me how bad off idea it is to run out if gas. But while I was coming back from hunting one year I decided to test how long I can go after the light turns on till I run out of gas. I had a 5 gal tank in the bed of the truck just in case. Once the gas light turned on I hit the trip button and I went 100 miles before it died on us. It was actually 99.something. I know how bad it can be for the fuel pump but sometimes curiosity gets the best of you.

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Wow, some of you guys have gone a long way without running out! I do not normally do that myself, only once, and hopefully only that one time. But it is good to know my truck can go longer if need be.
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