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how loud is the Titan engine???

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Just wondering what common noise runs through our Titan engine???

I hear injectors noise, slight knocking that i can hear while im in the inside of the truck at idle (can't hear it while i'm outside)... kinda sound like how a diesel engine sound, only thing is that it does not very loud at all. Is this normal??

I mean it is a truck after all. But what is consider excessive noise? and under load, what kind of noise do most of you hear from the engine?
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I have an 07 with 11K miles and my dad an 07 with 26k miles. We have both noticed the ticking sound that can be described as sounding like lifter noise. Its normally loudest when first started and fades out as the engine oil becomes heated. I've never worried about it much as it seems to be common with this engine. Other than that it sounds pretty good. It one was of the selling points for me to get in, turn the key and not only hear it fire up but feel it as well.
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