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How many members do we have in the Central Virginia area?

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If you are a member in the central Virginia area, let me know. I am trying to get an estimate on how many we have to possibly organize a meet in the near future. Of course anyone is invited once it is planned, just want to see if we have enough interest in the area to coordinate one.:eh:
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I'm in Arlington...I don't see many titans up here though.
im in virginia beach. and waiting for my first meet. lets plan something.
There is a good chance I am going to head down for the OT IV if you are interested.
i'm also in the va beach area. i don't know if ldotitan is on here (over at clubtitan), but there are a few hampton road's people on this site.
just registered but i dont have a titan:)
Cool, Got a few of us out here in VA. YES, we will definitely have to plan a meet or get together that is convenient for everyone. Unfortunately, could not make the OT IV meet. I am making a list of everyone in the VA. area that would be interested in a meet....and anyone else that would like to come to the meet for that matter. I will add everyone's name to my list. Once I have a date in mind and enough interest, I will start sending out info to everyone on the list. If interested in being on the list for a VA meet, then reply to this thread. I can also be reached my e-mail at [email protected]
Looking forward to getting something together.

count me in.
Will do, you have been added to the data base.
I am looking forward to first meet. Add me to the list!
Count me in. A good amount of Titans in the Ashburn, Leesburg area
1rspgt and brigga, you both have been added to the data base. I will send out an invite to everyone in the database so we can all discuss a central meeting place to hang out, bring the family, the pet, whatever, find something that everyone can enjoy. I will probably set up a meet in early spring, maybe around end of March, beginning of April timeframe, so get the mods done now so you can show them off.....

:gunz: :cheers: "misslelau
Great, looking forward to it!:futwice:
spidy said:
i'm also in the va beach area. i don't know if ldotitan is on here (over at clubtitan), but there are a few hampton road's people on this site.

Spidy, Cool. When I send out the dates and times, feel free to spread the word. I will try to post a message on clubtitan also once we have a confirmed date and location, probably looking at the early spring time frame...around end of march-beginning of april. I will keep everyone updated. Like I said, spread the word to anyone interested in showing off their ride and wanted to just mingle a bit. I am sure we can forgive any non-titan owners who might want to show up also...
I would be interested I'm in Ruckersville Va 10 minutes north of Charlottesville Va
efundcamp said:
I would be interested I'm in Ruckersville Va 10 minutes north of Charlottesville Va

Just an FYI, TitanBlue is leading this congregation of titans...


February 23, 2008 is the big day!

The National Air & Space Museum has a huge Indoor display located near Dulles Airport in Chantilly, VA. All are invited to a Winter meet for Northern VA Titans! Great family event. Good weather or not, we will be there, unless it is a real blizzard.

Details will be updated in the next few weeks. Basically, we plan to have 3 parts to the event, a breakfast meet, day at the museum, and a closing dinner nearby. I plan to come down the evening before, to be able to enjoy the entire day to its fullest. Several local Titans are already committed to this event. Set your expectations high!

It may be Winter, but wash your trucks, everybodies gonna want to see what you brought...

Here is the link so you can see what they have to offer and to see at the Air & Space Museum.

First few details:

Breakfast meet from 7-9. Location TBD.

Museum meet from 10-530.
It is home of the "Enterprise". the real Space Shuttle and the huge Star Trek Movie Model too!
The Museum is Free. Parking is $12.
Carpooling will be available if you wish. Take care of your Titan buddies. Squeeze em in. Save your money for modding!
Museum Hours 10-5:30
I have submitted for a guided tour by a "docent" at 10:30 or 11:00 AM. (It's a free option of course. 20 person minimum)
Great to hang out together for first hour or so, then do lunch,
Food onsite is a McDonalds.
Kids will love it, and they do have good salads now!
Prices should be about normal.
Afterwards, plenty of time to check out:

The Observation tower,
IMax theater,
Lots of Aircraft and Spacecraft,
The Bookstore and Giftshop,
The Flight Simulator and more...

Dinner Meet 6-9.
We're going to need a really big table. Location TBD.
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Thanks for the plug bigjimbo! :) Turnout is growing for the Air and Space Museum Meet. I've PM'd Titan-ization, and he is planning on being there too. Look for the thread listed, for continuous updates.

Titan-ization is still planning another meet a month or two later, a little further south, maybe Richmond area. I plan on attending his meet too. It'll be a good one I'm sure. He'll be filling us in sometime soon...

Northern and Central Virginia is becoming a hotspot for Titans!
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