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How much am I going to spend?

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Just curious about costs on getting a 4 inch lift. I am not a car (truck) guy when it comes to all the workings. I do however work with a bunch of very skilled mechanics who are more than happy to help me get stuff done. So what I want to do is get a 4 inch lift and have the truck level. Are new wheels/tires a must when you do this? Do the stock 18s look ridiculous if you have a 4 inch lift? I'm just curious what I could be looking at (minus the tires and wheels) for all the parts I'd need to make it happen.. Thanks guys!
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It really depends on what lift you go with as far as cost. I'd say the lift can be had for around $1k from PRG products. I had 18's on my '12 with a leveling kit, but I had 33" tires on them and they were much wider than stock. I don't think (opinion) that a T with a 4" lift on stock wheels would look good. You may be able to make it look decent by getting some bigger tires and some spacers to kick the stance out a bit wider (may have interference with the wheel wells with too much spacer!). I would start by looking at the complete lifts on the PRG site and go from there. I have a 6" pro comp (very easy to install and complete setup) but if you ran stock 18's on it it would look ridiculous. You should also consider the impact of a lift on your drivetrain. You may want to look at a driveshaft spacer, some traction bars for axle wrap, a frontier tranny mount (or aftermarket). I hope this helps you get started.
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