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How much can my Titan really tow?

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So I just bought a 2012 Titan SV 4x4 from a shady looking individual. I've been thinking of taking my Dads travel trailer off his hands. Total loaded weight of this bad boy is a hair under 8000 pounds. Only problem is I can't seem to find my gear ratio or towing capacity. 3 dealer phone calls later and 3 different answers ranging from 7000-9300 pounds has me scratching my head. So I thought I'd come on here and see if someone could help me out. Here's what I know...

2012 Titan SV 4x4
Has Trans temp gauge, but no Big Tow mirrors
Has Front tow hooks, receiver hitch, and rudimentary brake controller installed, all look to be factory OEM (but I'll admit I've always been a Chevy guy and I feel the only thing the previous owner ever hauled was his *** down to the meth store, so i don't see him installing these for any reason).

I've looked for the sticker on the rear axle and it seems to be long gone, I've tried doing 70 down the highway but I'm at 1800-1900 rpm just in between what everyone on here says is the difference between the 3.36 and 2.93

This might be a stupid question, but when my families safety is involved you can never be too careful. Thanks in advance.
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Super old post, but i have a 2006 and just bought a travel trailer - The trailer we bought is 5847 dry weight and my truck lists 6522 GVWR on the door sticker... but i thought i have the tow package? I have the tow button and the hitch... Am i screwed??
RPMs at 70mph - if it's 2k or above, you have the higher tow capacity; if it's around 1800, you have the lower tow capacity
i assume this is on a flat road?

I think all Titans or perhaps all Titans except the base models have the "Tow Mode" button (I believe it's all Titans, but I'm not sure). That's not indicative of gearing at all. As has been said, if you are running around 1750-1800rpm at 70MPH in 5th gear on the highway (whether it's flat or not will not matter, as long as your speed is steady at 70mph on the speedo and you're in 5th gear and the torque converter has locked), you have 2.94 gears. If your RPMs are 2000 or above at that same 70mph, you have the 3.36 gears. This is pretty much standard across all Gen1 Titans with the RE5RO5 5spd Auto Trans (the only trans which came in Gen1 Titans).

You can also crawl under your truck and look on the passenger side of the differential snout and read the gearing on the sticker there. It will say 2.937 or something which rounded is 2.94, or 3.358 or something which rounded is 3.36. I can't remember the last digit of either number for sure, but it's pretty much as I've described.
Thanks. My T is a 2006. No stick that I can find, but I am sure it is long gone.
With the trailer - right? Or just in general?

no trailer I am at 1700rpm
But I am running 285/75/17 tires so that drops my rpm’s right?
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