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How much to have Donahoe's rebuilt?

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Anyone know how much it would cost to rebuild DRE's? I was planning on buying some used one's and just wanted to know if anyone know's how much it would cost to have some rebuilt if needed.
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i was told about 65 bucks per shock from the guy i bought mine from used. never looked into it as they ended up being fine. i think theyre in nor-cal? someone correct me if i'm wrong but factor in shipping. good luck!
If they're not leaking I wouldn't worry about rebuilding them. A rebuild most likely only consists of new seals, oil and nitrogen.
Well, I haven't gotten them yet. I was just wondering if anyone has ever had to send them out to have them rebuilt and how much did it cost to have them rebuilt. Buying used shocks kinda worries me.
Rebuild them yourself.
Why, are the parts available to the public? I wouldn't mind rebuilding it myself.
Nitrogen and oil is, you would have to call donahoe to ask about buying seals. Thats also a good place to ask how much a rebuild costs.
EVO8 said:
Why, are the parts available to the public? I wouldn't mind rebuilding it myself.

If they're not I'd pass on the Donahoes and buy a set from a manufacturer whose are.
Well, I guess I won't have to worry about rebuilding anything guys. I just ordered me a new set of SAW's. Greg's got an awesome deal.
Dont plan on rebuilding them yourself unless you want to buy a 200$ fill valve. They use that special N2 port so unless you know someone with it you will have to buy the tool to refill them with N2. I though about trying to put a regular shrader valve in but I didnt want to mess my shocks up over it. Also Ive been told polaris uses that n2 port so maybe try a quad snowmobile shop to see if they could fill it after the rebuild? I never checked that I was just told.
O yeah a rebuild is like 65 75 bucks + shipping. I think its worth it if your just getting them, they could be low on n2 and you have no way of checking but they will suffer in ride quality.
Congrats, the SAW's are awesome. I might be wrong but I think you need aftermarket UCA's for the SAW's. Like I said, could be wrong.
Yeah thanks, I've got Camburg UCA's.
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