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How much would you pay for an "e-tune"?

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Well after several attempts to contact the guys at Uprev, i finally received a reply. First of all I am not here to drag any names through the mud intentionally. Now, with that been said time to address the real issue. I think what Uprev offers is a great product. However the service after the initial sale is sub-par. It takes days if not weeks to get a reply. For those who have general bolt ons this isnt a big deal. But, for those who have installed some other parts since their initial ECU reflash it is. My baby has been sick since the JWT cam install, and its been rather upsetting to me how they handle the customers requirements. The response i got from Jared at Uprev was they are extremely busy and etunes are taking up alot of his time. He mentioned charging in the future for etunes. I have mixed emotions about this.......if the service doesnt drasticly improve after a fee is charged then I dont see the point. We as consumers cant help how they manage their time, only become their little puppets dancing to their tune. I know alot of you guys REALLY promote Uprev on here, and i understand your points. From my personal experience however i dont feel like they stand behind their customers 100%. From the get go i didnt like how they handle theeir customers on the website. No phone numbers or anything, just a general email address. They will jump through hoops to sell the software to you initially, but after that you are left helpless until they get to you. I told them i would have offered a payment if it would help me and they responded in a propper manner. Good luck to all!!!!
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Well from the beginning with my finding and selling to UpRev that the Titan community was worthy of their time and efforts I too have seen some delays in their service. GO ahead and vent if it feels better by doing so. I hear ya.

I can relate to their chosen business practice as one they are likely developing daily as they are a start up small business with a captured niche product and market which happens to have 1000’s of eager and spontaneous customers and questions. With their success as with any small business come growing pains and adjustments. I’ve learned to plan ahead for these days as this truck has it’s gremlins.

Oh I’d pay $2000 for tuning….why because I have. E-tunes being charged for later sounds like a bummer but then again it makes the owner think twice before sending in a data file of a run that was done just after a long stretch of economy driving where the AFR is leaner than it would be if doing 0-60’s back to back.

In the end get to know your truck first and what it is doing at different times of the day/year. Document your runs when you save files as to baromater, air temps, date, fuel in tank, fuel capacity, wheel spin etc.

Shifting gears…
Also for those of you reading and wanting/have Uprev. If you flash your truck before understanding what is going on with it currently I think your doing yourself an injustice. The Cipher software is very good at data logging and the information there will provide great learning to YOUR truck. There are already many documented cases of why each Titan is different. Get to know your truck and read data before you go out and reflash. Many times I wonder how many of us really have a sick truck before the ECU tuning or mods are added? How many just take it for granted that everything is working right just because there are no codes?

Sorry for the length in response I'm venting too I guess...LOL

So how are the cams? Are they within specs did you have them rechecked what are the symptoms of sick. Man sorry bro if you updated somewhere else on the subject.
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Oh when i say "sick" i just mean rough idle, and performance is at most 80% right now i think. I dont want them to rush and forget stuff like last time on my tune. He fixed the stalling issue but it still lacks. Everything is fine with the cams and install, just the tuning process is lengthy as of now.
Well toomnymods spent 6-8hours on the dyno with the cams so I know what you mean and I expect that a e-tune will take some more time to walk up to the power. If it we me I'd be cautious and let UpRev step the tunes as they need to be done to protect the owners interests.
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