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Alright guys, well as most of you know, I've been having a mixng problem..

well the truck runs fine going point A to point B. But I let the truck idle for about an hour, and it overheated..

Anywho, I'll be doing the cheaper route first: Refilling cooling system to Nissan Specs.

I'll edit this first post here with photos and step by step directions for future refrence. However I'm a bit confused on exactly how to perform this if you guys could chime in and help me out.

From what I gatherd:

Level truck on flat surface.
Turn truck ON and turn heater setting to hottest setting. Wait 10 seconds. Turn truck OFF.
Remove radiator cap, and overflow tank cap.
Open valve under radiator on passanger side and let coolant drip out.
Put cap back onto overflow and refill radiator.

Now this seems too easy in a way.. help! Advice!

Oh and the truck takes 3 gallons of coolant.
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