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How to get the change tray

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I spoke to customer support 1-800-Nissan1. I spoke to a nice woman on the phone, and gave her my vin. I then politely explained that I had heard that the change tray was now being shipped as a standard item, which I would have liked, but did not know it was an option at the time of purchase. She asked me to wait on hold while she researched the information. She then gave me a case # and told me to contact the dealer. They would either get it for me at no cost, or if they charged me I was to call her and provide bill of sale vin, and receipt for a refund.

Nice and easy to deal with!

BTW with the snow here I have been using 4wd and got 15 mpg. THIS IS GREAT ON GAS! My V6 never did this well
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This is for the Captian's chairs. I asked her if I should make sure others ask for her, she said that was not required. All customer support rep's should provide this offer. They may need to contact their supervisor as it is a new vehicle and not everyone knows about this situation.
I just asked the dealer, and they wanted my color code just in case. They will get it and send it to me. So sorry, no part #.

2. A couple of weeks ago b4 the switch to the new format, there was a question about who had them and who did not. He had a hard time due to other issues at the time. So I waited a while then did the same. The word is spreading, so I cannot take all the credit for comming up with the idea.
The change tray was originaly going to be an accessory and a line option with one of the packages.

Your previous statement is exactly correct. And now Nissan is including them on the on all the Titans. I will let everyone know what the part number is when I get it.
If this does not work out, I will be fabricating them out of wood, or contacting a guy who I know who works in lexan. I will post that information, including price. I know that volume is cheeper to a point, and it is completely custom.
I spoke to my dealer, and they ordered not only one for myself, but a bunch for themselves. (how ever many that is) They will be sending it to me as soon as it comes in. I will let you know when it gets here.

If you are in VA and looking for a dealer, CONTACT ME! I have the dealership for you to talk to! Unbelieveable service, Excellent people they go beyond the call in everything they have done so far!
David_S said:
:huh: Come on folks if you didn't have a change tray when you bought your truck why would you expect someone to give you one now?

Well Dave, Nissan beleives that you should be getting it, and they have given out case numbers for people to get them.

This is the old squeaky wheel syndrome. If enough people b*tch Nissan fixes the problem. We are also doing the same thing with the R/F radio.

By the same token, if they fix the radio for the rest of us, should you not get same fix? If something was supposed to be there, and did not show up shouldn't you ask for it? If you did not get a passenger seat, would you say well I guess I missed out? HELL NO!
:soap: climbing down now...
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