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How to get the change tray

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I spoke to customer support 1-800-Nissan1. I spoke to a nice woman on the phone, and gave her my vin. I then politely explained that I had heard that the change tray was now being shipped as a standard item, which I would have liked, but did not know it was an option at the time of purchase. She asked me to wait on hold while she researched the information. She then gave me a case # and told me to contact the dealer. They would either get it for me at no cost, or if they charged me I was to call her and provide bill of sale vin, and receipt for a refund.

Nice and easy to deal with!

BTW with the snow here I have been using 4wd and got 15 mpg. THIS IS GREAT ON GAS! My V6 never did this well
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Thanks for the offer to post the p/n, my local Nissan dealer is clueless. I have the DVD and RF on an SE and I did not get the change tray. I took delivery 12/24/03. I know that this change tray is an Armada item maybe there is a p/n in the Armada listing? either way it would be slick to have the darned thing to put the remote in.
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