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How to get the change tray

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I spoke to customer support 1-800-Nissan1. I spoke to a nice woman on the phone, and gave her my vin. I then politely explained that I had heard that the change tray was now being shipped as a standard item, which I would have liked, but did not know it was an option at the time of purchase. She asked me to wait on hold while she researched the information. She then gave me a case # and told me to contact the dealer. They would either get it for me at no cost, or if they charged me I was to call her and provide bill of sale vin, and receipt for a refund.

Nice and easy to deal with!

BTW with the snow here I have been using 4wd and got 15 mpg. THIS IS GREAT ON GAS! My V6 never did this well
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i just called nissan and they said basically your up the creek, without a paddle, they said theres no way that i could get a free change tray even though they are shipping standard on most models. they said if i wanted a change tray that i should have waited or buy one myself. i could not believe what they were saying. i was nice but at they end of the conversation i was angry, but still polite. why do some people get them and others dont????? nissan :boxing:
JetForeman said:
What should you have waited for? Did you buy a Titan recently? My truck has a production date of October and it had a change holder in it. I think I would be trying to talk to a different person there at Nissan..
i bought my titan in december, no change tray and it was NOT listed on the the invoice sheet that came on the window from factory. why is nissan doing this?? i think a truck that costs 30 grand should come with a change holder and if not they should give us 1 and if not we should take it by force :gunz: :boxing: lol lol said:
I would think that it should come standard because of the size of the compartment. If not, if someone does purchase the RF and or DVD system especially, then they should get it because of the headphones and remote control.

Let's stick together and all for one!!
hey durocab nissan knows about this site and im sure they will look at this thread and see how many angry customers that wants this part that should have been standard anyway. so i thought i would let eveyone know what my progress was after i called nissan it seems that after they produce the correct part number we can order a coin holder and get refunded as stated earlier in this posts. but what i am having a hard time is some people have already ordered the coin holder and steve told me that i had to wait for validation on the part #. whatever :bangit: we will see how this goes but we should get a coin holder, or we better or they will be some :boxing: lol lol :jester:
robertc said:
This whole coin holder thing is getting nuts. Some people got em' and some people are getting em'. When I called Nissan they said the part was discontinued yet some people are ordering one. My dealer doesn't know anything. I think that Nissan should just mail us all one with all the money we spent.
Have you noticed that when you call Nissan you're always the first to report things (yea right!!). How can we turn up the heat on them and get the holder without everyone having to fight individually for a $60 part. Is there anyway to email them this whole thread?

i already did that. i hope they get the picture. we mean business :boxing: lol :jester: but when i call they tell me thier researching, what the hell needs to be researched. i think im getting told a little story and as long as i listen thats good enough for them. why are some people being told to order and some people are not. this sucks what the hell is the deal. its not like there buyng the truck back orreplacing theengine. its a coin holder for gods sake!!!!!!!!! NISSAN READ THIS :readclose WE WANT OUR CIN HOLDER
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