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HOW TO: Quick and easy center console hidden gun mount.

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I picked up this M&P 9mm a few days ago, and wanted somewhere to keep it while in the truck. ITs to big to leave on my hip or CC and sit in the truck seat comfortably, so now it has its own home.

I started out with a trip to the local gun shop. I lucked up and found this holster for less then half price, because it was a bring back.

This holster is perfect, and if you can find this brand for your handgun, it may work for you to. This is the hardest part. finding the holster that will work.

The reason this one is so perfect is because it is a two piece adjustable holster.

Remove three screws and you get this.

the next step is to see where you want the gun mounted. I put it all the way forward, with a slight angle to the rear. this seemed to feel the best to me. I outlined the holster some so once i got to the work bench, i would know where to put the template. I then removed the console liner, and moved over to the work bench.

Next i used some cardboard to make a template. Marking and cutting out the holes so i could line it up

I used a punch tool to mark the center of the holes, then a small drill bit to start the holes. The plastic is pretty soft so i was able to just spin it by hand to drill them. If you look again at the holster. The screw holes have metal sleeves, and you need to drill wide enough for those to fit inside the holes.

I started with this.

then drilled out larger to fit the sleeves.

Then you just mount it up. and reinstall the console liner.

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That is handy. Too bad its not legal in CA...
Great idea. I like it
here is a link to the holster, so you can see if they have one for you.,1146,137.htm
Great idea. I like it
So do I. My brother has a similar setup in his T for his .40. It's on my 'list' to install one for either my LCP, or maybe my Kimber.

Sure is nice to be able to have a Concealed Weapons permit! :eyebrow:
Nice! I got two black hawk holster's one for my Glock 22&27, they are great holsters and that's a nice mod!

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I am gonna have to do this in my wife's truck. I have the bench seat in my KC

Nice job Beason
Nice mod, can we get some more detail on removing the center console liner?
Nice mod, can we get some more detail on removing the center console liner?
there are three screws in the bottom, and two on the drivers side. After that, there are a couple of metal clips. The lid comes with it, so just tug and wiggle until it comes free.
Great idea and write up Beason, got my Blackhawk holster today, intall this weekend. :coolsmile
if you guys do this, please post up pics for placement, and for others to see.
thats awesome, great job. i just need to buy a gun now
New resting place for my .40, Thanks again Beason for the write-up, took me about a half hour.
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Great write up man, I need to do the same. Only problem is I rotate pistols, suppose I could stick to one when I drive the black Titan. I use the Black Hawk holsters as well and like them. Light weight, not too bulky perfect for CC people. Just make sure when you buy one the screws aren't cross threaded. I had to exchange a couple at Academy Outdoor because of that issue. The screws are pretty small and fine thread. Great job man..!!
Great mod, a lot better than having it loose in the console.

Only problem is I rotate pistols
Could you mount something like a 3" piece of belt to the console, then your holsters can hook onto it? Not as sturdy as directly mounting the holster, but it allows you to swap out different guns as long as the clip is on the same side of the holster
I actually just saw (yesterday) a mount from Blackhawk that did interchange with different holsters that would work very well. It was in a Cabela's auto accessories catalog.

Cabela's: Blackhawk!® SERPA Quick-Disconnect Kit – Two Female/One Male
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very interesting! they even have the holster mounted in a console. Its a little pricey, but a good concept.
What are the clips and slide in piece on the console lid for?
that is factory stuff.

i think the clip is for a pen, and the other part holds a tissue pack, or maybe a garage door opener.
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