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Hi all this is my first post at TitanTalk. Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. My name is Jim I own an 04 Tiatn LE Crew Cab w/Tow Package 4x4 Which is what this write up was done on. Everytime I google something on my truck there answer is always here so I might as well join and contribute to whom helped me.

1. Drain Coolant. You can do this by loosening the drain**** on the lower inside section of the radiator. If it breaks (Like Mine) Just undo the lower radiator hose.

2. Undo the Upper Hose clamp on the radiator side , Pull the hose off the rad and tuck it out of the way.

3. There is a cooler line on the passenger side of the rad disconnect that and plug it with a bolt.

4. on the radiator side of that I capped it with a pen cap and rubber hose.

5. Disconnect the over flow hose at the filler neck of the rad and over at the over flow.

6. Ok now lets get started. First unbolt the fan shoud at the top inside of the rad.

7. The fan shroud will slide out of the these little grooves at the bottom. there you can split the shroud into 2 pieces pull the bottom out the bottom annd the top out of the top.

8. Next youll undo the bolts on the fan clutch pull that off. (the tension of the belt should be sufficient to hold the pulley in place while breaking the the 4 8mm bolts loose.

9. pull the clutch off and put 2 nuts back on lighly to keep the pulley strait.

10. Remove the bolts on the rad support that hold the rad still in the middle of the rubber bushings. (8mm)

11. Lean the radiator forward. youll see there is a cooler attached to it at the front of the truck. If you notice there is 2 access ports cut into the rad support conviently shaped like a hand with a socket wrench. that where youll remove the top 2 bolts of the cooler.

12. Remove the 2 bracket for the cooler. Lift up on the cooler to release the feet that sit on the rad. ziptie it up to the rad support to keep it out of the way.

13. Wiggle the rad and pul up should come right out lay it next to your new one move your old rubber feet to the new one and transferr the cooler hose.

I am not sure if all titans have that cooler. I have a towing package on mine so if you dont happen to have it just skip those steps. I did this a few months ago so forgive me if I forgot anything and message me if I did I will add it thanks for looking and hope this helps anyone in need.

Pic Bein Put up Now!
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