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How to tell if you have LSD

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I didn't think i had limited slip in my '04 SE but yesterday I got stuck in some snow and when I was accelerating my left rear tire was spinning. My SLIP light comes on a lot but I just thouht it meant i was losing traction and the VDC was kicking in. Does it mean my limited slip is kicking in?
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TitanBlue said:
Your ABLS is kicking in. Active Brake Limited Slip, so the spinning wheel had braking applied to it and allowed the non spinning wheel to get power transferred to it to get you going. The Open diff would normally transfer power to where it is easiest, or the wet wheel, where you were slipping. Braking evens out the speed, so then the open diff applies power to both axles more evenly. You do not really have a true Limited Slip Diff, you need to buy the Truetrac to get that.
i see. how much do they run approximately with the install?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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