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How to turn off diff light. Tru Trac

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How to turn off diff light. Dura Grip

So after installing a new ac door modulator in the driver's side, and unplugging everything, my Diff Lock light came on, switching to ABS when I drive. Went to dealer, and found that I did have a bad ABS pressure sensor, and ordered a locking diff sensor. When I pulled the old sensor, there was no wire in the diff. So I pulled the diff cover to find that the previous owner had installed a Dura Grip diff. How can I turn the diff light off, considering I don't have that function any more? It wasn't on until I unplugged the stuff under the dash, and yes it's all plugged back in:)

Also hoping that the dealer will take the new sensor back, because I opened the package. I would hate to end up with a $130 upper diff plug:frown:
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The system should either be a closed circuit to activate the light or open. try hooking the wires going to the diff together or if they are connected then separate them one of the two should turn off the light.
Got it! Just unplugged the other wire going to the back of the diff. Glad I spent $400 at the dealer :/ at least I have a new ABS sensor, I guess.
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