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Howling noise when accelerating

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I have a '06 Nissan Titan and lately I've been hearing a howling noise. I think it's on the right side back, but not really sure. It's only when I push on the gas pedal and going between 60-70 mph. When I release the gas pedal, the noise is gone. When I push on the gas pedal to accelerate and if it's between 60-70 mph, the howling noise is there. I've taken it to Nissan and had a 15,000 done on it, rotate and balance tire and also an alignment. Still the same problem. Just wondering if anyone have seen this before and if this has anything to do with the bearings? If so, will the warranty cover this repair?

Thank you all in advance.
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Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe rear differential starting to whine. Only does it when you are on the gas, stops when you let off. Usually only at a certain speed or multiple speeds. Every diff I have had whinned on my Titan. Still does.
I have the same issue on my 07. Did you ever figure out what the problem was? The noise I hear seems to be coming from the front and only with my foot on the gas. If I let off the gas the noise goes away, because of that I don't believe it would be a differential problem. The differential would still be spinning/moving as long as the truck is rolling.
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