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HP loss from torque converter?

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Does anyone know about how much power is left on the table due to our torque converter not allowing it to be applied fully????
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Kind of an odd question. Losing power as in what exactly? Parasitic losses? Torque management (not really a direct function of the TC anyway)? I'm assuming you mean the torque management system and it's probably a significant amount. Figuring the PCM can cut your throttle by 30% or so if it detects slippage (or to prevent it in the first place).
I would assume that it would be at least as efficient as one from GM and I think they typically lose 3-5% (vs stick shift). I'm sure somebody has more info than me though. Wouldn't a 6 speed manual with a granny low and tall overdrive just be killer???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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