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HU Install - need help with Steering wheel interface

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I finalyy got sick of hooking up the trailer without a camera so I ran a camera to a kenwood dnx unit. My probelm is I really dont get the steering wheel interface instructions. I have both the Metra and PAC here, not sure which to use but more reviews on the metra. I have an 09 with 6 disc RF and factory bluetooth. I understand that I have to bypass the factory bluetooth unit but I dont fully understand how do do that. Can anyone help? Also any confrimed info as to what wires to tap into for the interface? I keep seeing different stuff.

Tried searching but so much conflicting info

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Im a bit lost here. Please help!

So have a look at the pics.What are the 3 unused plugs and the 1 that was connected to the factory face plate control? Are they steering wheel controls? Where would I hook up the steering wheel controls?


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Ok I see the connecter but I cant find the specific wiring diagram to use. Does anyone have a pic of this installed? Also I ready something about a resistor for Kenwoods. Is the necessary and how would that be done?
Interested in this resistor question as well I'm installing a Kenwood DNX892 and I'm also having issues with the steering wheel adapter harness
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