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hubs replaced

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Hey I haven't posted in a while but I've still been here. This weekend I tackled replacing my front hubs. Using the thread on here it was generally a piece of cake...except for the damn ABS plug. Yep, I stripped the TINY wires right out of their socket (on both sides), so now my 4WHL, Brake, ABS, and SLIP lights are all on. I was super afraid that the truck would be in limp mode but it drives just like always. So my question is, how long can I leave the wires loose until I can either solder them myself(doubtful) or get it to an electric shop to fix it for me? I'm hoping my local auto electric shop can just get the wires back into their original plug so I can just plug it back in and be done.
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As long as you want. But you don't have ABS so if you get in an accident you could be royally screwed. "negligence" or other things of that sort.
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