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So I've checked the other threads on similar issues.

Problem: No heat. A/C works fine and goes from defrost to feet like it should, fan works appropriately. But when on Heat, it blows warmer then AC. Almost like the heat is on but the temp setting is stuck to the coldest setting. And when I have the AC on I can't turn the temp dial (not digital climate control) to heat and change the temp of the AC coming out.

I've manually turned the valve on the heater hose and left the gear out with no changes in temps being put out.

There is no clicking!

I've pulled the dash and stuck my hand up in there to see if I can feel the actuator moving, when I turn the temp dial, there is no movement what so ever in the area left of the hot water pipes. Typically, I guess, where there should be movement.

So I've narrowed it down to a bad actuator for the door (the whole motor) or my temp dial is bad.

How can I trouble shoot The dial out?

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