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After adding my new wheels 285/65/20 on my 2019 Titan, I wanted to add the speedometer calibrator like I did on my 04 Titan. I see the instructions still haven't changed and asked too many steps to install when it can be done easier and pretty quick.

On the 04 you could pop the top of the dash off to get quick access to the back of the speedometer, so I looked and seen a similar access point on the 19.

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering part Automotive design

I have a SV so I do not know if the other variants have something placed on the area. As you see I have pop up the panel and used plastic pry tools.
Hood Grille Car Automotive design Bumper

Next, I looked in the area to see if you can reach the plug in the back of the speedometer. In the picture below you will see the plug is to the right and can be removed with depressing the little tab circled in yellow.
Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design

That plug will then connect to the calibrator and with other female plug on the calibrator will then male plug into the back of the speedometer. Sorry I didn't get a picture of this but it's straight forward.

Hood Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Grille

This is an quick and easy way to install the hypertech instead of taking the whole dash apart, with only needing a pry tool. I hope this helped anyone wanting to the install this and didn't want to take the dash apart.
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