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To be honest, I think if anyone said that to me in person I might break his jaw... Kinda a sensative sore spot for me since I have so many friends that were outta work for a long time after GM closed the plant here to move it to Mexico... They collapsed the economy here pretty good then had the balls to collect bailout money... Besides the fact that it's my friggin' hard earned money and I want the most bang I can get for it, that's NOONE else's business....

This was my last Online response to that type of comment:

PopsRacer said:
Go ahead and rip on GM!! Chevy just so happened to out sell every other brand in the month of January. I guess not everyone wants the foreign stuff. Go ahead buy foreign and send those profits right out of the country!! Its your right !!!
It's also my right to keep US Factory Workers in Mississippi employed instead of sending my money down to support Production Plant Employees in Mexico... Would you like to see a pic of the abandoned GM Plant here that left THOUSANDS of Oklahoma US Employees OUT OF WORK and moved ALL their jobs down to central Mexico??? I got somethin' for GM right here and it ain't green... :D

County wants to buy GM plant | NewsOK Videos
For some reason, I never received a reply to that post... :dunno: I just don't think I could keep my cool enough to speak if I actually heard those words come out of someone's mouth...
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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