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I am looking for some 20"s

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I have an 06 Titan 4x4 that came with the off-road package 17"s. Aside from the inadequate size of the wheels, I just hate the design. I am all about mods and if I had it my why, I'd lift it and put 35"s on some rockstars and call it a day, but... I have to remember that my first and primary use for my truck is work and unfortunately that sort of thing isn't practical. That being said I want to put a set of the 2008 20" wheels on in place of mine without spending the kind of money that the aftermarkets would cost lest I may just end up going that route. Does anybody know where I can get a fair price on a pair of 20"s with tires?

Also, I have the 2" leveling kit. Does anybody know what the biggest (tallest&widest) tire I can put under my truck is without rubbing?
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If you can's find a set of used 08 20" wheels you are probably better off buying something aftermarket to save you some money. There are all kinds of online stores that will mount balance and ship you 20" wheels and tires to your door. check out or google wheel and tires. I know sometimes you can get a slightly better deal if you call them and talk to them about what you want. and most of them are running specials right now because winter is coming. They should be able to make a tire suggestion as well. discount tire direct will pricematch delivered prices not sure if tire rack will. with an aftermarket wheel you should be able to stuff a 305.55.20 under there with out problems.
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