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I am now "officially" a titan owner

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As of 9:20 P.M Wed 26th I signed the papers for my 2008 Titan CC SE LB in White. I flew out to dallas texas to buy my truck, well worth the travel. I woke up at 4 this morning and drove it about 600 miles home. Since I have been in town I have put a little over 200 miles on it today, so as it sits I have put over 800 miles on my new TITAN in less than 24 hours. I absolutely love this truck. Will post pics once I have enough posts.
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Congratulations on your new Truck, Enjoy.
You flew out to get it! Now THAT'S dedication! :lol: Congrats, and welcome to the boards!

I am heading to the bank in about 15 minutes to get the papers signed on my auto loan to go pick mine up today!

06 Nissan Titan CC, 4x4, SE SWB in Blue. 16k miles for 23k!
My last three trucks were white. I sometimes regret not sticking with this color when I bought my Titan. Post up some pics when you get a chance. Congrats on a great purchace and welcome.:rockon :rockon

Funny thing is, if you are like me, even after a couple years you will still feel this excited when you jump in the Titan and fire it up.
Congrats on the new ride bro! Enjoy and welcome...
Thanks everyone, I absouletely love my TITAN. I already have close to 1,000 miles on it would have had more already but I had to work. I love the power, and it rides super smooth. Good luck on the truck Kortiz let us know how you like it. I can already see where all my money is going just trying to decide what to get first.
Congrats and have some fun!
that is awesome dude- nice choice of color btw.
Congrats. Now the moding begins
That's an awesome ride. I test drove one earlier this week. It rode and drove really well. Could'nt trade up on my 05 that I really love, but if the price had been right I would have.
welcome to the boards man and congrats on the truck!!!!!!!!!
Congrat's, enjoy your new ride :cheers:
Congrats on the new truck! Just curious though, why did you have to go to dallas to get it?
That's what I call truck loyalty.

Enjoy the Titan, it is a fine truck IMHO.
Thanks again everyone, I am so happy I finally got a TITAN. I flew out to texas for a couple of different reasons, First and most important was it was between 5 and 9 grand cheaper depending on which dealer here, second they respected me and didnt talk down to me because of my age, and they had the truck I wanted and didnt try to sell me something I didnt want.
me too, and i couldn't be happier with it. i live in canada, where it was hard to find a decent used TITAN. wound up buying a US model, imported by a local dealer: 2007 CC LE with only 4000 miles on it. i cannot stop driving this truck! as soon as i figure out how to do it, i'm posting a few pics too.
-chris in vancouver


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Sorry the pics have taken so long, but here they are.


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