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I could have gotten a free driver's seat replacement!!!!!

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but my WARRANTY JUST EXPIRED!!! dang it. i had the Titan at the dealership today taking care of some TSB's. i had it in on the 10th but they had to order some parts so i brought it back today. when i brought it in this morning i had them look at the wear and tear on my driver's seat~the leather is wearing pretty bad and i just barely noticed a hole above the seat's power controls. i'd heard of other members getting their seat replaced under warranty. well, come to find out my warranty expired OCTOBER 16TH!!! so i missed getting a new seat by two weeks. bummer. i don't know why i thought the warranty was good until october 31st. must be all those paint chips i ate as a kid.

as a side note, i did get a rear seatbelt replaced and my power window switches replaced for free. ;) ;D
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Were they not willing to do it as a "goodwill" warranty?
Any good dealership should be able to fudge that for you a bit. I mean if they happened to "tell you the work was under warranty and then loss the paperwork a couple weeks after it went out of warranty..." What about calling Nissan?
all gonna depend upon your service adviser and whether they want to try and 'push' it through.....I just had mine in for service today and they found the power steering hose was starting to leak and my SA said he went ahead and put it under warranty...LOL and my warranty has been out since June, but still have under 30K on my truck, so who knows how he did it, but he did :D
well, i talked to the service advisor again today. as i was pushing it he finally told me to just come in on monday so the service manager can check it out & make a decision. cross your fingers!
ok, i went in today and talked with the service manager. i was very cordial & he was nice about it. he made some phone calls for a few minutes (while i stood there and listened as he plead my case). got denied for full replacement from nissan corporate so he tried to push it through with a $50 deductible, then 75, then finally got the 'ok' to replace the leather if i pay a $100 deductible, (said the replacement would cost almost $500). by now i was ready to say forget it, but i called the wife and she actually wanted to do it! so i told him to go ahead & order it~should get it taken care of by next week. i guess i can justify paying a hundred bucks to get new leather. it would cost me more than that when the seat REALLY starts to fall apart in another year or two, and it beats duct-taping the lil hole so keep it from tearing further. coulda saved a hundred bucks had i brought this up 3 weeks ago! oh well.
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