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I don't know what happened

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I have a 2012 pro 4 with tow package. I recently was going to replace my trailer brake with a newer model and install airbags. Well I installed the air bags but wanted to mount the switch and gauge where my trailer brake was located. I unplugged the brake, removed the mount, and installed the new airbag switch and gauge. I remounted the trailer brake next to it.

I turned on the key to verify everything was working as intended and noticed all my lights in the center console( radio/ havoc) was not illuminated. I've checked damn near every fuse I can. Did I miss one or is this a bigger problem? All my headlights/tail lights/fog lights etc work. I have not tried hooking to my camper as of yet. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated

Also my steering wheel controls are not lit up as well.
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If it was me, I'd put things back to 'before' by removing the bag controls from power and see if the dash returns. If not, then check wires and connections for that, since that's what's changed. If they've found your problem. What I'm not certain of from your post...did you or didn't you change brake controllers? If so, then you need to follow that path as well. If all you did was move the old one to a new mounting spot, that shouldn't be a cause for any issues.

This is not meant as snark, but did you possibly bump the dimmer down?
In lieu of knowing the wire colors and location that you tapped....check the following fuse locations: #59 (10A), #62 (10A), #22 (15A), #19 (10A).......these feed interior lighting systems. #3 and #14 if sonar and/or heated seats not working also. #3 and #14 (10A) also feed the middle dash systems/lights. The only other fuse that exists for the interior lamping....#4 The only 'hidden' fuse that I'm aware of is the fused link on the neg battery cable.

My thoughts: If the middle dash lighting isn't working but the heated seats and/or sonar is have something other than a fuse issue...most likely and open or shorted wire. Time for a multimeter?
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