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I don't know what happened

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I have a 2012 pro 4 with tow package. I recently was going to replace my trailer brake with a newer model and install airbags. Well I installed the air bags but wanted to mount the switch and gauge where my trailer brake was located. I unplugged the brake, removed the mount, and installed the new airbag switch and gauge. I remounted the trailer brake next to it.

I turned on the key to verify everything was working as intended and noticed all my lights in the center console( radio/ havoc) was not illuminated. I've checked damn near every fuse I can. Did I miss one or is this a bigger problem? All my headlights/tail lights/fog lights etc work. I have not tried hooking to my camper as of yet. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated

Also my steering wheel controls are not lit up as well.
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Sorry for the confusion. I used the old brake controller. I have tried removing the power supply from the air bag system and still nothing. I am infact back to the original wiring setup prior to starting. Same old brake controller. I've done a lot of searching but cannot find a specific fuse. And I'm guessing it has to be a fuse since everything is working just not illuminating .
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