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I GOT A BDGT!! what?

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So I bought a new BDGT off ryan and it is still in the package...I opened it, played with the cool sticker things, did the update, then read something in the manual about having to do something to the fuse box and I was like "uhhh:huh:" and then I put it back in the packaging lol....

sooooo....what to I need to do to put this thing on my truck? Im talking like start to done...seriously I have no kind of an idiot :ftard:
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All you need is the OBDII block and cable. The OBDII port on your truck will power the unit.
So all you need to do is plug it in and go from there. You might need to slide the switch on the block to "on" to power the unit.

I think the fuse block is only if you want to do a permanent installation, where the BDGT powers on each time your truck is cranked, and off when the engine is off.
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okay so as far as using i plug it in and THEN turn the truck on or other way around? also what do i click? or is it pretty self explanatory? and how do i make it save the stock settings?
I no longer have a BDGT, so I'm trying to recall from memory. Hopefully, someone with a BDGT can confirm my instructions.

If you are only adding a timing advance, the truck has to be running and at normal operating temperature. The timing advance is in special functions.

To tune the truck, you'll need to select your vehicle. I think the BDGT divides the Titan into two groups, based on year model. Once set for your truck, turn the key to the run position, but don't start. Make sure all accessories are off!!! Then, you go to the download section and follow the instructions.

Before your truck is actually tuned, the BDGT will download your factory file. This is automatic and part of the tuning process.

When you get to the tuning part, you can select your octane level, throttle sensitivity, speed limiter, and most important, WOT restriction OFF.

I got the best results using the 87 tune with performance throttle sensitivity and WOT restriction off. Speed limit was set to 180. :)
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hey misfit,
okay so I did everything that you said and it installed perfect but I noticed something weird...I floored it from a dead stop after install and I heard a very weird "clicking noise" any idea what the hell that was???
clicking from where? engine?

what tune did you use? did you advance the timing?
I have the Superchips on mine, they're all the same though, just plug into the OBDII port and select tune and off ya go! :D
i did standard tune (85+ octane), I did performance throttle response, I left the rpm limiter the same, and I put WOT "off". I did not do any timing advance. and im not sure where the noise came from (i think the engine..I know it wasnt inside the cab). Would my lift cause it? I was going straight if that makes a difference.
uninstall the tune and see if it still makes the noise. Lift could be making noise, most of them make some noise in one way or another.
I have the permanent install done.
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