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I got rear ended, which bumper do I go with???

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Damn Floridians, 5mph rear tap, dented my chrome and barely missed the sensors. I have a 05' CC Titan 2wd with Big Tow (It has 3.36 gears, cooler, hitch, harness, etc).

My question is which bumper? I've been told there IS a difference between the towing and big towing bumpers. I'm looking on craigslist and found a regular towing bumper, will this work with the BT package?

My research got me here --->"This rear bumper assembly has the regular reinforcement bar assembled to the bumper. If you have tow package you will need to remove the rebar and install your factory hitch bar to keep the towing package." WTH does that mean???

I just want my chrome bumper, with sensors, and can still use my original BT package.

Please advise...
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There seems to be only one OEM bumper any longer for the year you have....85010-ZJ20B and the differences were body style oriented, however, ....... I also have a 2005 Big Tow with a chrome bumper and I was hit last year right on the corner of the bumper by someone in a parking lot somewhere while we were camping out of state. I only noticed the slight wrinkle at the bottom edge and a wrong gap where it had been pushed into the paint when we got home. My local body shop, who is a Nissan Certified shop (only use OEM when available) told me that they had to use a body shop supplier for an aftermarket since a new OEM chrome bumper couldn't be located. Who knows.

I can offer a plan b for you if you can't find what you need here or at the the guys at JAPANESE TRUCK DISMANTLING and see what they have that you would be happy with. They've bailed me out more than once with used OEM stuff that was a deal spelled with all caps since you would pay $300 or more for an aftermarket chrome.

Plan c.....pull-a-part may have one in the network and you don't mind wrenching.
Plan D..... Auto Parts Market may have one in the network and easy to get your hands on.
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