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I have a few questions for you Titan owners

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Im thinking about getting a Titan and I've got a couple questions.

1. Are the back windows power or manual?

2. Is there a difference in the ride/handling of a 4x2 with the offroad package vs. a 4x2 without the offroad package?

3. How easy is it to order a truck from a dealer? Do they try to convince you to buy one from their inventory or is it as simple as asking them to order you one?

4. I want a sunroof but I dont want the DVD and side airbags which are required options with the sunroof. Anyone know if Nissan is planning on changing that?

5. Where's a good place in Texas to get a good aftermarket sunroof installed? Whats the price range on something like that? Im in Longview, TX but I can travel to Houston or Dallas and the surrounding area if need be.

6. Does the 4x4 Titan sit higher than the 4x2? Or is it the offroad package that makes it sit higher?

Thanks in advance.

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dd564 said:
1. Manual back window on SE or XE.

When you say back window do you mean the slider in the rearward looking window? (As far as i know this manual)

Or the back side windows in the door? (I believe these are power, at least in the SE's i've been in)
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