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I love this truck! firewood haul....

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I needed some more firewood for the Apt. and found a deal in the Traders guide for $80 a truckload. I got my buddy and headed to meet the guy; I packed over a Cord in the back with the bed extender.

This truck barely knew anything was in the bed.

3 pics.... Before wood, after wood(don't mind the redhead being an idiot), and the over 10' x 5' stack


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Not to be a wet blanket, but I don't think that is a cord. IIRC when I used to deliver wood with my Dad, a 1/2 cord was cut and split loaded even with thrails on an 8ft bed. Your bed on the titan is 5.5ft before the extended. maybe 7ft when extender is used.
Thats what I thought too. A full cord is 4x4x8, but last year I got a cord and it was about the same if not less, so thats what I was basing it off of.
I'll bet the back end hooked up in the snow pretty good with all that weight...:upsidedow
Still a nice payload. I love getting my truck loaded up with mulch or lumber and making it work too!
I hauled a bunch of firewood in the same truck.... You're lucky to get a half cord in it. A cord is 128 cubic feet... usually 4X4X8 but it can be an dimensions that yield 128 cubic feet. I think with the bed 5.5 X 5 the stack woudl have to be about 6 feet tall.
Not going away from what you were talking about (loving your truck) I too love my truck, she is always surprizing me with all her power. I'm moving to Alaska soon and I'm sure she will prove her self in more ways than one. I do plan on putting in a Detroit true trac and a lift with tires to go with it. My ex-brother in law was always wondering what a V-8 with 32 valves would be like and show enough I'll show him, he's more country then someone from Alabama would be. I wanna show him the real power of the dark side!
Yup, a full face cord, but not a full cord.

Great to see ya using the truck, I know I have moved plenty of things in mine, and like others have said, it always seems to impress me.

The Titan is my 1st full-size pickup, after ownig 3 smaller ones over the years. For me I just love going to the lumbar yard or Lowes/Home Depot and coming home with a full 4x8 sheet of material laying flat in the bed.
the guy told me to pack it as tight as possible....... we stacked the hell out of it and had it a foot higher then the bed in the middle. I got my money's worth.

The only down side to this truck is that it IS only a 5.5 foot bed compared to my ranger which had the 6'. But with the bed extender..... it comes close enough.
Red head to me looks like Jesse James:jester: lol
Speaking of room in the trucks.... what the CC lacks in the bed it makes up for in the back seat. With the seats flipped up you can move an enourmous amount of stuff back there.

I fit my full size mountain bike and my son'g 3/4 size mountain bike in there without taking off any of the wheels. It's awsome to keep them out of the weather and to not have to worry when you stop for meals and stuff.

I also hauled a HUGE big screen TV in there once. Again, out of the weather was nice. The same area in my Duramax backseat is a joke compared to the Titan. I bet you could put a 1/2 cord of firewood inside the truck too....
thats why I bought the CC, I have already stuffed a chest in there, a vanity with its bench, and a bunch of other junk.
Yes the room back there is amazing and I love the seat adjustabilities, up or the backs flat make a nice shelf for stuff. I have moved 3 times with it and it is absolutely amazing what you can stuff it with!

Nice haul with your Titan BTW. There is a guy I work with that is always hauling wood with his and he loves it as well.
its good to see you are using your truck,rather than having just a showboat.your titan will handle many tasks. git-r-dun........
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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