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I may have found my Titan!

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Hey gang,

I'm brand new to the site so I wanted to say hello. I'm from Iowa and I currently drive a 2002 WRX wagon with minor mods. I've been thinking about getting a truck for quite some time and the Titan has really caught my eye. They're fairly hard to find around here but I've managed to find 3 worth buying that aren't too far from me. The one I drove today is my favorite of the bunch. It's a 2004 4X4 LE Crew with only 28K on it. It looks and feels like a brand new truck! There aren't many options on it other than the towing package but since it's an LE that's good enough for me. If that one falls through there's also an LE King that I've found as well as an SE King Off-Road so I still have some options.

Anyway, that's enough for me. I look forward to learning whatever I can on here.
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Welcome to the site! Do some research here to help you decide which truck to go after.
Welcome to TT....good luck on finding your will love your titan when you get it
Welcome. Hope you get the one you really like. Try to get the vin# and go to a Nissan dealer to see which TSB's have been done. The 04's had some problems, but if the TSB's are done you will be fine. Good luck.
Thanks guys. The Carfax came back clean, one-owner so that's good. I'll have the Nissan dealer run the VIN to check for service.
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