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I need a TruTrac!

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My axle has been leaking for a good 2 months now, I've been closely monitoring it ever since but I was wondering where's the best site online to order from for a Trutrac? I'm also wanting to drop 4.10s in this thing too.

Is Nissan Off Road Parts & Accessories | Rugged Rocks Off Road the only place that sells Trutrac, I'm sure they aren't but where can I find the best price? Also with the front gears, are they still on backorder or do you just place an order and they make them as they get orders in because I see on the website that they aren't available until 2020! LOL!
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if this group buy goes through, i hope it is not just for the big tow and pro 4x guys! I have the 2.91 or whatever the ratio is...
It won't be on gears, unless everyone is getting regeared! You don't have to upgrade you can just get the trutrac and still reuse your factory gears whatever they might be.
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OfiveCC & I both got our TT's around the same time & we got them from PORK, they had the best deal to my door at the time.

Good luck & keep us posted! :)
I think you mean PORC :)

I also bought my TRUE-TRAC at PORC and I had them install it as well since they are located in the north metro Atlanta area about 25 miles from my home.
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I'm down for the group buy...need one bad!!!
Whats the price look like with a group buy.

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I have been looking at pulling the trigger on Tru-Trac... How about this option, "Detroit Truetrac Rear Differential with Races and Bearings":

4x4parts is $645.00 with Tru-Trac, Races, and Bearings and Rugged Rocks is $655 for just the Tru-Trac... Just throwing out an idea for a better deal...
Life is GOOD w/trutrac! :D lol
Im down for a group buy if the price is right...
King... check my post above and try to persuade 4x4parts :)
Im in for a group buy. But I need it asap as there was a broken spider gear tooth at the bottom of Diff case right on the magnet. I hear a clunk on left hand turns so Im babying it!
Cough Cough... Just about ready to order this and a Mag-Hytec cover...
Any update on the buylist or what vendor you are wanting to use King Polaris? I have $800 burning a hole in my pocket and want to get a Tru-Trac and diff cover :)...
Any update on this King? Money is burning a hole in my pocket...
Shoot I'm sorry man... I've had quite a bit hit me this past week and I forgot about this thread. I'll shoot that guy an email or maybe just call about doing a group buy for us.
Shoot I'm sorry man... I've had quite a bit hit me this past week and I forgot about this thread. I'll shoot that guy an email or maybe just call about doing a group buy for us.
It's all good sir... just want to order this asap and get the rear axle trussed and not have to worry about breaking... take a look at my post from would that be a possible source to try to do a group buy? Otherwise I might just get the Races and Bearings from there and see what the group buy would be on just the tru-trac...
Also... have you heard any issue about the bolts coming out when you do the tru-trac install? Just use some red loctite?
Also, from this post: it sounds like those of us with the stock e-locker have unequal shafts... is this the case and if so it should be noted when buying tru-trac...
I think I have heard of the e-locker's folks having unequal shafts as well. I'll look into that link you provided to do our group buy.
E locker has a shorter left axle I believe. I think I read you have to get the normal axle for the true trac???
i am interested in a tru-trac group buy as well... price needs to be right, though.
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