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I need some advice regarding my Titan's brakes

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I have a 2008.5 Titan SE with only 9000 miles. This past week, while driving the brake light and slip lights came on and I heard a screeching noise coming from the rear left.

I took my Titan to the dealer, assuming that any problem with so few miles (and within warranty) would be covered.

I was told that all four sets of pads and rotors needed to be replaced due to me not driving the Titan enough. They said that rust built up on the rotors and caused excessive wear to the pads. The told me that the front pads were only 1/32 and the rear 4/32. They said it would not be covered under warranty due to the truck being more than 1 yr old (evidnetly they would have fixed it if truck was less than 1 yr old and less than 12000 miles). They quoted me $850 for the repair.

I contacted a friend who wanted to look at the truck before getting the work done. When I called to say i'd be picking it up, they said that the truck was unsafe to drive and wanted me to leave it there. They said that if I got a better quote, they would match it but for my safety they wanted it to stay with them. This sounded odd so I picked up the truck 15 min later (they were surprised to see me). I had absolutely no problem braking on my 10 min return home.

My friend (a young guy who is extremely good about working on vehicles) stopped over and pulled off the front left wheel. The inner pad was 1/32 and the outer pad looked new. The inner pad was so tight that he had to beat it out. The rotors did show some wear and pitting but he felt it wasn't excessive and felt that maybe new pads would be sufficient. He thought that the whole problem was likely due to the initial installation of the brake pads where the pads were not filed down so they could move easily. The pad was not covered with rust. To get it back in, we needed to file off about 1/32 from the two tabs.

When I talked to the dealer, they refused to consider this a manuf defect and said the tight rotor was due to me not driving it and rust building up. They said that since my truck is greater than 1 yr old nothing would be done.

This doesn't sound right to me. Previously I had a 97 Ford F150 that I also drove only in evenings and weekends. I never had a corrosion problem with the Ford. The Nissan dealer said maybe Ford uses more corrosion resistant steel but it didn't matter and they would not help me with this.

Am I wasting my time trying to pursue getting Nissan to take care of this?

Is this a typical problem for Titans that are driven only a little (sometimes only once per week)? If so, how can I avoid having this problem again?

If I replace the brakes and rotor myself (with some help!), is there a particular manuf/model of replacement parts that is recommended?

thanks for any help you can provide.
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Thats why the call them stealerships. in my opinion yer getting screwed. plenty of cars sit for YEARS and still stop correctly...If ya wanna replace your rotors do a search. theres lotsa threads about it...

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Frozen Rotors/Hawk LTS pads. There may be a discount code if you look in their section of the forum.

No, I don't think this problem is caused by lack of driving if you drive 1 x per week.

Inner pad worn down to 1/32 (completely worn down) in 9,000 miles would indicate pad being jammed against rotor.

I would use new slide rails on the calipers (I think they come as a disc brake hardware kit for maybe $20 or so) and make sure to grease the slides and caliper slide bolts. And obviously make sure everything fits properly. The brake pads are not supposed to be press fit and definitely not supposed to need filing down to install.

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Hello Koz,

Unfortunately, this does not come as a surprise. I am suspect as to why you would have to hammer a pad out of the caliper. I am wondering if the truck was purchased new and where you live that they have so much 'rust' on them to allegedly stick in the caliper.
I am guessing here, but it sounds like you didn't have the right pad (s) in the first place. Or if any pad replacement was performed, the installer failed to properly lubricate the hardware, retaining springs and caliper carrier bolts upon re-assembly. Hawk, as well as several other pad manufacturers will include a blister pack of HI-Temp Brake Grease for this purpose. You can also buy it at local auto parts stores.

Titans have been prone to pre-mature brake wear, and at 9000 miles this could be an example. Naturally, the goal is to get many more miles out of the pads and rotors, which can be done successfully!

Can you post some pictures of the pads and rotors? I'd be curious to see the 'rust' the dealer is referring to.

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I thought this brake thing was fixed by the 2008's. You must not have bought this new....or it would be covered. Usally the used stuff get the standard 1yr/12000 mile warranty. This should be covered!!!! I would push the dealer(stealership) to cover this...... thats BS. If you strike out and probably will....go with frozen rotors and hawk pads...They are awesome!! With Blackbeauty's DIY thread this can be done by anyone with hand tools and about 3 hours.

With that said with the symptoms you described something was wrong with that set-up. I also only drive my truck once a week and have never had that problem....even with the stock set-up
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