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I need to stay off of online forums!

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... because modding is an addiction.
Just ordered a set of the Rancho 9000 Triple X Quick lift front shocks and rears. Supposedly lifts the front end by 2 inches and no lift in the rear.
Also ordered a set of the BFG AT 315/65/18 tires and the XD779 Badland wheels in bronze 18X9 with 4.5" BS and finally a set of the Bushwacker fender flare kit.

4wheelparts sales rep Wayne was really nice and knew his stuff. Gave me a great package deal. Everything with the exception of the wheels were in stock which should be in shortly.
Really nice place to deal with.
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Congrats, hope the rancho's work out for you, i know a lot of people have asked questions about them but no one on the forums have posted any feedback on them yet. Post some picks when your done sounds like a nice setup and let us know what you think of the rancho's.
youve been on here for two weeks. Give it a year or two and THEN see how much you love being here :rofl:
Yea post some pics fa sho when you get it done. I am curious how the bronze rims look.
billaj said:
Yea post some pics fa sho when you get it done. I am curious how the bronze rims look.
Hey - Is that pic in your sig at "Sandy's" ???
It sure is.
I have the Triple Xs. There has been some discussion here about them, here is my thread.

I've had them over a year with about 12k miles, and they are ok for my needs. They do feel a little soft compared to the Bilsteins I have on the rear. I get a little bit of "porpoising" at higher speeds on the LA freeways. I would recommend getting the Bilsteins with a level kit or wait for the adjustable Bilsteins to become available. I chose the Ranchos because the Bilsteins weren't out yet last year when I needed them.
I'm curious to know why you went with the tripple X shocks that have been around for a while rather than the newer Quick Lift front shocks they just came out with. Did you consider them? I would also like to see some pics when you get them installed.
You're just getting warmed up, wait until you try a few performance mods....
Hey rb26 - I am still curious. I take it from your post that you got the RS99772 shocks for the front. I am wondering why you didn't go with the RS999798 that just came out on the market. Have you heard negative things about them? They both level the front with the rear. Was there a big price difference? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.
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