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I officially own it - Titan and Deere pictures

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Nought my 06 Titan on Friday. Got her cleaned up today and snapped a few pictures of it with the 3320 Deere. Hope you like tractors.


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A couple more pictures of teh bed and engine.

truck was bought from a friend that I work with. She and her husband are trying to move to WA state to become insurance agents and wanted to get rid of the payment. I traded them my Grand cherokee and $. I am SOOO happy!!!!


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nice picture, two vehicles ready to get DIRTY!!!!! ENJOY
Looks like a big kid with his new toys
Nice Titan and nice lil Deere ya got there!:cheers:
Yes I agree. Very nice!!!:D
Check out the reflection in the 2nd picture. I really like how that turned out!

200 hours on the Deere. Mostly loader and mowing work. I also use it to take care of the snow in the winter and it gets my freight loads off the semis.
Nice Combo - the blade looks like it fits perfectly with the Titan bed too. Congrats!!
Love the pics, and welcome if I haven't already. I am biased on both!! Own a Titan and work for Deere(the construction side)!!
Alright I'm officially jealous.

I want a tractor, and that is a nice one!
Now you need to put a john deere green stripe on your ride or put a nissan embelem on the deere.
very nice set-up, which of the two costs more? Do the tires on your tractor mark up the lawn much?
Actually the one season used 36 hour 3320 Deere, new 72" 7-iron MMM (mid mount mower for the un-tractorly inclined), mid pto, and the 300X loader cost more than the used '06 Titan SE king cab with just under 13K miles.
Hate to hijack the thread, but how much did you pay for the deere if you don't mind telling? Its a purchase ill be making within the next couple years and just wondering what they are going for. By the way nice truck and tractor.
Added some weenie roast wood to the wood pile today. Hauls wood like a dream.

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nice truck man, you're gonna love it, as if you didn't already know that
That's some decent lookin country you live in too. I can't wait to get out of the city...
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